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What kind of tables does the venue provide?

  • We have 72” round tables that seat up to 10 guests per table.

  • We also have rectangle tables available that can be used for food setup, DJ, gifts, cake, bar setup, etc. The rectangle tables are 6’ by 2’.


Are table linens included in the venue rental?
Linens are not included in the rental cost, but we do have them available for rental. We offer both black and white for our round tables and we will have them placed on the tables before your arrival, if you choose to rent them from us. If you decide to rent from an outside vendor, we recommend 132” round linens for floor length and 120” round linens for lap length.


What does the catering prep kitchen include?
Our catering prep kitchen has a refrigerator/freezer available for the use of events, countertop space for prepping food, two drink dispensers available for event use, and a cart that can be used to help with unloading from your vehicle. We do not have an oven or stove on-site.

How does the A/V system work?

  • Our A/V system can be connected through HDMI. We have an event laptop on-site that can be utilized, or guests are welcome to bring their own if preferred. We will provide the HDMI cord for all events, but we do not have adapters on hand if your laptop requires one.

  • We have microphones available upon request for all events.

Is alcohol allowed at events?

  • If you are charging admission for an event, a liquor license is required to serve any type of alcohol at the event.

  • If no admission is being charged, then we only require a liquor license if liquor is being served. No liquor license is required to serve beer or wine for these events.

Does the venue provide any table centerpieces to be used for events?
We do not offer any centerpieces at this time. All décor will need to be brought in by the client or an outside vendor for the event.

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